Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Convention 5


THE TONE OF THE MAGAZINE IS ASPIRATIONAL. The magazine assumes the position of lifestyle coach – it tells you what you need and then offers you advice on how to get it.

For each of the following lifestyle magazines, explain how the tone of the magazine is aspirational. Who is the target audience of each magazine? What values does each magazine expect their readers to have? Give examples to back up your answers

The tone of the magazine is apparitional because a man wants to be strong and impress the ladies, and learn how to become muscly. This is why the target audience is men because a women wants a man like the model and the man wants a women like the one who is hugging the muscular man. The value of this magazine is to make every man want to have muscles and loose wait. for example "DROP 5KGS NOW!" this quote stands out the most because the magazine wants the audience to feel like they need to loose wait before getting muscles.

This magazine give aspiration to women to look pretty and amazing and that every women needs to look like her. The model also draws the attention of other women because she is looking directly at the camera, so what ever angle the audience is standing she will always be looking at the viewer. The target audience is women, the magazine is telling the audience to have breasts like her and to love your body. The magazine expects the audience to feel like they need to look good and asking the questions if they are "To Fat" or "To Skinny", this then leads the target audience to buy the magazine and change there self.

The magazine is aspiring young teenagers to be like Vanessa Hudgens and get all the boys. It's also showing young teenagers that they need all the new "Summer Shopping Special" and get with the fashion. "Classmates need to mop up my periods" this quote isn't very suitable for young teenager and children who look up to Vanessa. This magazine wants teenagers to be cool and end up looking good after reading this, but I don't think this will help kids understand get better looks.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Lifestyle Magazine Convention 2 & 3


There is a model or celebrity on the front cover as the main image and he/she is looking directly at the camera

Why does the magazine use a model or celebrity on the cover? Why are they looking directly at the camera?
Explain the effect on the target audience.

The magazine uses a model or a celebrity because they look good and the audience will want to look like them and not someone ugly. If it was a celebrity she will be a role model to the target audience and the audience will want to be that celebrity. She is looking directly at the camera because at any angle you stand she will always be looking it you. This also means that she is attracting the reader for sexual gaze and attention. This will make the audience like her and get sexual

Direct mode of address is used – the magazine is talking to you and makes a direct reference to you lifestyle. ie. Lose Your Gut, Impress Your Girlfriend, New Styles for You!

Find examples of direct mode of address in the above magazine. Why is this used? What effect does it have on the target audience?

Direct address is used because it says “Already in your wardrobe” meaning you have to buy and that it’s too good to ignore. It makes the audience feel good about them self’s because she may be wearing what the audience wants to buy. “The best thing I ever did for my body” this suggests that other customers are happy they did what the magazine told them this makes people believe that what they are doing is good

Lifestyle Magazines - Convention 4


The editor’s letter is chatty and informal. Will often use a direct mode of address as though they are a friend of the reader.

Publication: FHM
Issue: February 2005

The standard model “guy” is a pretty straightforward being. When we tell our lady to shut her trap so we can watch some footie, it means just that. There are no hidden messages whatsoever. And it certainly does not mean, “Honey, now is the best time to talk about where this relationship is going.” But as we’ve stressed oh-so-many times in the pages of this very magazine, women on the other hand, are not so much into this business of being straightforward. The word “fine” for example, could mean a million and one things, and it is way better to have all your limbs chopped off by a mega-powered chainsaw than have a woman say the dreaded word to you.
So this month if your girl mutters, “We don’t really need to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to,” don’t take it as your cue to jump for joy and spend all the cash on Star Wars Lego. Why? Because there is simply no chance in hell that she actually means it, plus it will take you forever to build one stupid Millennium Falcon.
If anything, it’s simply a test to see if you’re really the sensitive and caring dreamboat that you’ve been pretending to be, or if you’re just, well, a guy. So what do you do? If you really dig the chick – and third base is a great possibility – we recommend you sell all your worldly possessions and spend it all on that one special day. And to help your cause, we’ve got some pretty good V-Day gift ideas on pages 98 and 99. After all, third base is a pretty damn good thing.

Read the above Editor’s Letter and highlight all of the examples of the editor being chatty and informal, as well as examples of the editor using a direct mode of address (using “you” or “your”) for both chatty, informal and direct mode of address.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Introduction To Lifestyle Magazines

Identify the different 'types' of content in magazine

The main contents in the "Contents Magazine" are Shoes, Personal Stylists, Clothes, Fashion, Beauty. These contents are aimed at women and how they look and what they wear. For example the personal stylist story is saying you need shoes "The fanciest footwear for twinkle toes"

Discuss the layout of the page. From your analysis what gender and type of person is this magazine for?

The layout of the page is pictures at the top and text at the bottom. The pictures are all in different sizes and the women seems to be the most important because they made her bigger. This magazines target audience is women because of what they are advertising. The designer has made the women bigger because they want people to see that you can be pretty like her. The text is numbered so that the audience can go to what they are looking and not flick through all the ads. The designer didn't make the magazine very colorful so that younger people may not buy it, but older more stylish people will buy it because it is very slick. The bold text catches peoples eye so that they can read it and maybe like what they see and then they would be forced to buy it.

How would someone hope to benefit from buying this magazine?

People would benefit from buying this magazine by getting good looks, and following what the designer has typed on it. The audience would hope to be a changed person  when they read it because they could find something they like and then buy what will change them. They could learn new words from gossip areas and ads. Some people will want to get with a different group of friends and they want to change there appearance and the only way is to use the magazine.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Album covers

url.jpgLady Gaga The Fame

url.jpgThe album cover shows Lady Gaga with glasses and diamonds on it, this shows that she is rich. The big diamond next to her face shows that she wants to show of her wealth. On the glasses it says The Fame meaning that she is famous and this album says that she wants to tell her fans that she is. This also says that because she is famous Lady Gaga can have diamonds and big expensive glasses.

Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty To me ft 2 Chainz

url.jpgThis album cover shows that girls want to touch his muscle and he lets them as he is holding a girls hand to touch it. He is showing of his muscle this says that he is confident about his body and that he thinks girls like it. It says Ft 2 Chainz very small underneath Derulo meaning that he wants all the fame and doesn't want anyone to think 2 Chainz has a big part in the song.

Jesse J - Smile

url.jpgIn this album it says smile on her jumper but she is hiding her smile with her hand. This shows that fashion dictates how she feels but she doesn't have to show that she is smiling just because it says on her top. Also on the bottom left corner it says that she one the brit awards in 2011, this shows off her success and wants people to know that she is a good singer. Her colourful nails show that she wants people to see it because of how she is straightening her fingers.

Eazy E - The Hip-Hop Thugsta

url.jpgThe gloomy background and the two guns  shows that he is a dangerous man, and a gangster because of the title of the album. This is a very old album cover and maybe he is showing to the new people that back then were bad days and people had to bring guns in the rap industry. He has a smile on his face showing that he likes guns and is posing for the camera as he doesn't want to look to dangerous

Nas Explains Meaning Behind "Life Is Good" Cover Art

Eminem - The Marshal Matherslp

This picture is shown in black and white to show that he is creating old albums and wants to look like he is a well known rapper. The house has spikes on the side of the porch meaning he doesn't want anyone to approach the house. I think the house is where he grew up as a child and wanted to show his fans where he started.

Nas - Life Is Good

This album cover shows that he is lonely and that the title of the song isnt all what it seems. He is holding a dress maybe to show that his wife or girlfriend has left him. Him being alone shows that he doesn't want to be with anyone and that he is heartbroken. Everything is very dark except for the dress and Nas's suit this shows he wants to stand out.


The writing over her body stands out allot, and the words cover up her body showing that just because she is naked doesn't mean the audience should look at her. Maybe she is saying look at the text and the meaning of it. She also looks very sad and the title of the song is unapologetic maybe she doesn't want to apologies to someone.

Bob Marley - Legend

The title of the album cover shows that he is a legend and he isn't posing for the camera showing that he isn't boasting that he is a legend. He seems very calm in the picture maybe he has seen something that caught his attention away from the camera and that is why the photographers thought this pictures is good. His hair is very long this could show that he has worked hard on this album and that he didn't stop making it better.

50 Cent - 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

The cross in the picture stands out allot because of the broken glass this shows that he is religious and that he cares and that he isn't just a thug. Or the broken glass is where he is telling his enemy's to shoot him because 50 cent has been shot before. This could be a threat to some people because of the glass and the cross shows that he is a proud christian.

Tupac - Shakur

Tupac is showing his fingers saying that he is from the west side and that he isn't on any other side. He is showing of his jewelry showing that he is rich and that he likes people to know he is rich. This album is very old and he had to show is enemy's that he was from the west because where tupac lived there was crime everywhere and he had to keep him self protected.

Monday, 25 November 2013

GCSE MEDIA Controlled Assessment Essay

I will be explaining two videos, Robin Thicke Blurred lines and Jesse J Do it Like Dude. In Robin Thickes video he is very close to the girls and being very active in his video, the women are represented as being very passive not Like Robin. Jesse J comes across as very active as well as the others in the video. Robin Thicke is married and has son, this isn't setting an example for his son or his wife because he his dancing with half naked women in the clean version, but on the dirty version they have no tops on. Jesse J is bisexual and his challenging the stereo type of a video girl, and not just being looked at as sexual desire. It is important to study representation because of the way the men are treated differently to the women.

In Blurred Lines the setting is in a white area with nothing else behind, this can make other props stand out clearly to the audience. When one of the girls comes on she is holding a lamb and the stars are looking at it but they don't make it stand out like it isn't important in the video. I think they are trying to say that the girls are not important as they are wearing white as well, like they are just part of the background plane and simple. There are only the same three girls in the video maybe meaning that it was hard to get in the video, like they are a prop they only need certain things such as people. 
In Jesse J's video it is very dark and black meaning that she doesn't want people to see much. Her lipstick is spiky and her clothes are tattered, in the lyrics she is saying anything a man can do a women can do. Meaning she doesn't want to be looked at like the passive girls in Blurred Lines. There are fingers being chopped up ready to eat, showing that they are manly and act like animals. All of the actors in the video are women, and there costumes are very men like. Where as in Robins video they want to stand out and in Jesses they don't this shows she is challenging gender very well.

The lighting in Blurred Lines is high-key this is achieved because of the bright lighting and the white wall, this connotes that the women will stand out allot clearer like a photo shoot. This makes the women objects of desire because in blurred Lines TI is wearing sunglasses showing that the women's beauty is too much. But in Jesse J's video it is very Low-Key because of where the video is set, in a dark run down abandoned church. Where it is dark and there are allot of shadows making the seen spooky, this could mean that jesse thinks that men are scary and that women don't have to have very bright sets. Jesse doesn't stand out allot and the camera views hr for short periods of time were as in Robin is in all of the video he is on for longer periods of time. Like a photo shoot it will go on for long periods of times with white backgrounds of just them trying to look good. But in do it like a dude she isn't trying to look good, she is very active and vigorous with the camera saying don't look at me.

In Do It Like A Dude all the women are wearing full clothes and not fully showing of there bum and boobs, but in Blurred Lines the women are half naked dancing around Robin who is whispering into there ears. The costumes in Blurred lines are suggest that they don't care as they look very passive through out the video and the men have there shirts unbuttoned at the top

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Women Represented in a positive and negative way.

I have chosen Jason Derulo as my negative video - "Talk Dirty" feat 2 Chainz. I chose this video because of the way the girls dance and act in this song. At the beginning of the song Jason Derulo is sitting on a tan machine with a girl, she is  lying down and the mirror on the tan machine makes it look like there is more then one girl. In the video Jason has no top on whilst the camera is zooming from above onto the girl and Jason, so that you can see them both in the whole shot. Also one of the girls is playing the trumpet and has no other part in the video, when she is playing the trumpet she is going up and down but does not seem to be playing it. This Means that she had nothing else to do in the video, so the director has just placed her into one part. I think it is because she isn't good enough to me an actual music girl as she is blacked out in the video. Jason is singing about girls bottoms as they are twerking behind him. The girls are always in the video when they are with jason, because if it was just him on his own not many people would like it. When he says talk dirty to me there is a close up on him and a girl and she is whispering in his ear, this comes across as very sexual. When 2 Chainz comes in he starts singing about sex but isn't with any girls only Jason is. At the end of the video behind the girl there is a drink called neuro bliss, on the drink it says that it's a stress reliever, I think jason has put this in his video so that he can get paid more

Next I have chosen P!NK as my positive video - True Love ft. Lily Allen. I chose this video because it shows what real love is an not just a girl who is shaking her bum. There are no sexual gaze in this video. In most of the video makeup is not needed because her love is true and nothing will change how she looks, She also doesn't throw her self at the boyfriend. There are not many close ups, but it shows her having fun in the video and being her own person not being told what to do. She says really loves him, the man isnt doing anything in this video showing that it is her decision of what to do. They are using rose pettles in a scene and throwing it at each other, as a sign of love and that she is being treated well by the man. In the video she is also saying that the man can push her away but in the end it is her decision if she still likes him. Pink says its true love. I think that P!NK is her own women and is not being told what to do and not shaking her bum.




What you have here is very good and you have responded well to the question. You have used examples well to explain your point. 

T: Try to use more key terms (see VCOP Blog) to help you fully develop your answer. Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc) and how they help you come to your conclusions.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Laura Mulvey Essay

In Christina Aguilera's video of "Dirty" the use of the camera invites sexual gaze by the way the camera does all the close ups on her bum is very sexual and provocative. These angles of the camera invite the audience to view the artists as objects of desire as Laura Mulvey's theory states. Also at the beginning there is a close up of her lips in a very sexual way, because she is talking slowly for the audiences desire. She comes across more as a sexual gaze by the men shouting and surrounding her when she dances and cheering. She dances on a podium like she is in a strip club which is meant for mens desire and the girls to look good.

The audience views this video in a voyeuristic way because of the way she is presented with very short and tight clothes, also she is treated by the men in the video very voyeuristic. Her sexual movement and the way she dances makes the audience look at her in this way because she is in a bikini for the whole video with chaps and no trousers. When she is dance men are grinding on her and they are the audience in this video to her meaning not only the viewers see this in a voyeuristic way.

The actors interact in a way that results in the female being looked at as and object of desire. This occurs when she is being placed in a boxing ring from a cage like an animal. waiting to be let out to dance for men, and Laura Mulvey says the artist interact with the others in the video. Christina Aguilera  is interacting with the men in the video when they are grinding on her like she is there for their desire and pleasure. When she is on the podium it is like she in a strip club and she is being looked at by he men in that way.

In Jesse J's video of "Do it like a Dude" the use of the camera invites sexual gaze by her licking her lips on the close ups at the beginning. Her clothes are old and tattered and ripped which makes it very short and sexual because you can see more flesh on her, as she is pumping her chest out. Also two girls start kissing in the middle of the video, this comes across as very sexual to the audience and how they look at the back up dancers. She is spreading her legs and squatting while holding her crotch meaning she is still in control, being an object of desire.

The audience views this video in a voyeuristic way because she is holding her crotch and squatting very sexually to the viewers. This gives the audience sexual pleasure. Also Jesse is looking at the camera and pumping her chest out, with only a bra on and a ripped shirt. The moves she does when dancing are mainly with ripped clothes so the audience can see more of her body in a voyeuristic way. Jessie is also moving very sharply when the camera is viewing her body. I think this will give the audience some sexual entertainment to the audience making her popular.

The actors interact in a way that results in the female being being looked at as an object of desire. This occurs when the actors are looking at jesse and dancing and when she drops to the floor and starts opening and closing her legs while dancing. Also when she is holding the camera close to her face so you are forced to look and her and nothing else. I think she wants to be looked at even though in the lyrics it seems like she doesn't want to be seen as an object of desire.

The target audience for these two artists is young females. However, the way they represent themselves as sexual objects does not appeal to young girls, it appeals more to men. I believe Christina Aguilera and jesse J choose to represent themselves like this because they want to be popular and get more people to like them. This will allow them to make more money and have a wider range of an audience. Jesse J does not always appeal her audience to men as she is sending a message to men because she knows the men are watching. Christina Aguilera knows her audience is men but she isn't challenging it like jesse is, except she is showing her bum and boobs. I think jesse J is challenging this because she doesn't want to be represented as an object of desire all the time.

In summary, Laura Mulvey's theory applies to these music videos because they are both presented in a voyeuristic way but they are just showing it differently to the audience. The actors in the video may not be challenging this but maybe they are showing that not all girls are different. Also the camera shots in Christina Aguilera and more concentrated on her bum and boobs, and jesse j is more concentrated on he face. Overall Laura Mulveys theory is correct to these videos as they are both showing them selfs in a voyeuristic way.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Photoshop transforming images

Step 1: First find an two images you would want for example an apple and a tigers mouth, save it to your desktop and drag it into Photoshop.

Step 2: Now lower the capacity of layer one for your tiger to about 62% so you can Aline the mouth to were you would like it on the apple.

Step 3: After that select packs on the pen tool and outline the mouth of the image. Now click on pack and click make selection and press OK.

Step 3: Now press apple shift I, that will select the inverse of what you just selected, then press delete. Use a lasso to merge the two pictures.

Step 4: Draw a circle with what you want to transform, click edit then transform and wrap. This will give you a grid play around with it to suit your image then click enter. if you want to make it look 3D grab a rubber and rub certain areas out.




This isn't really finished as, although you have a detailed account of the task, it isn't accompanied by images and a step by step guide. 

T: Please finish this task fully explaining how you use the tool using step by step images.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


Girls have no identity's in music videos, they are just in the video to make the song better. In a song by 2 Chainz ft Kanye West called Birthday song, the girls are all shaking there bottoms for the men because its there birthday. The song is terrible but the girls made it better this is why 38 million people like this song. In a part of the song the girls look like robots doing the exact same thing which is shaking there bottom and men dancing around them. In the video pour it up by Rihanna the girls are dancing around poles like strippers, and shaking there ass. Whilst Rihanna is twerking and liking a lolly pop. This will come across as very sexual for some people, this is why people dislike the video. She also sings about srtip club money and is through it up in the air like she is a stripper

The dance moves the girls do provide pleasure for young men. That could tell the men that they are just sexual objects and nothing more than that. The song is also saying that for your birthday you should get a big booty hoe. But most people spend time with there family, the girls are doing this for money but men get the wrong idea. Then they think nothing of them and treat them like they want sex. In the video pour it up the girls dancing around poles will give pleasure to young men and will still treat them like nothing.

Video girls are on every video and it isn't rare not to see them. Some times on television and films. This will not stop men from thinking girls are selling sex in these videos, and are being brain washed into a bad song. All of these statements are true and they are shown in some of there videos. So maybe girls are just sex objects, well that's what other men think. But these girls are not afraid to show there body so it isn't the audiences fault about what they think of these girls. It's how the girls represent them self to the men.




What you have here is very good and you have responded well to the question, even posing your own questions. You have used examples solidly. 

T: Try to use more examples and key terminology (see VCOP Blog). Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc) and how they help you come to your conclusions.