Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Photoshop transforming images

Step 1: First find an two images you would want for example an apple and a tigers mouth, save it to your desktop and drag it into Photoshop.

Step 2: Now lower the capacity of layer one for your tiger to about 62% so you can Aline the mouth to were you would like it on the apple.

Step 3: After that select packs on the pen tool and outline the mouth of the image. Now click on pack and click make selection and press OK.

Step 3: Now press apple shift I, that will select the inverse of what you just selected, then press delete. Use a lasso to merge the two pictures.

Step 4: Draw a circle with what you want to transform, click edit then transform and wrap. This will give you a grid play around with it to suit your image then click enter. if you want to make it look 3D grab a rubber and rub certain areas out.




This isn't really finished as, although you have a detailed account of the task, it isn't accompanied by images and a step by step guide. 

T: Please finish this task fully explaining how you use the tool using step by step images.

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