Monday, 30 September 2013


The statements are not true not everyone is strong and has money to spend and many men don't want to be strong or don't want women and not all men are in control it is only shown this way in the stereotype videos, and the men are rich have nice cars and women and they don't show normal people in these videos as this is what they think a real man is.

And apparently you will be made fun of if you are not strong or rich and you will be called a wimp this is not true because not every man in the world is capable of being rich. This is also not true because every one should be equal and you should treat others like you would like to be treated and women are no different to men it is also better to be different because if everyone was strong and had to dominate other people it would turn into fights.

But in the second video not all of the men are like 50 cent with loads of muscle but they have money so this proves not every man can be dominate but can be other things like being rich. The men are deliberately shown like this to make people want to be rich and want women like 50 cent but maybe don't want the muscle like in the second video. Some men are rich and muscly but are not presented like this and are not putting people down other people because they are weak.

Also in this video they are showing what you should look like and how to act and it isn't looking very good because i have never seen anyone dress like this in public or putting down people because it isn't a nice thing to do and other men have feelings for other people such as the weaker ones overall i don't agree with these statements because no man is like this and only the selfish will act like this.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Photoshop shadow effect tutorial

Open your image and remove it from the background.

Duplicate the layer by right clicking with ctrl and right click then click duplicate

Make sure the image in front and color is set to black
Now fill the new layer by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete if your on windows Mac:Cmd+Shift+Del (The shift key will make it only fill where there are pixels aka preserve transparancy)
Filter>Blur>Gaussian blur, amount of 3-5

Now to distort the shape instructions below 
Press Ctrl/Cmd+T, this will bring up the free transform tool. Right click on the selected object Mac:Cmd click. Select "Distort" from the pop-up menu.
You will see a bounding box with 8 little squares, click and drag the top left and top right squares this makes a square around your image (called handles)  Press Enter/Return to apply the transformation.

Duplicate the shadow layer. Drag to the icon again.
Apply the gaussian blur again this allows you to blur the picture, this time add a larger setting 5-10

you now want to make the shadow softer 
Go back to the top shadow layer and add a layer mask this is shown to the right
click the gradient tool drag it from left to right to blend the two shadow layers.

Finally Set the shadow to multiply mode and the opacity of the top shadow layer to about 50% and the bottom shadow to about 30% this allows you to experiment with how dark or light you want the shadow

Monday, 9 September 2013

Denotations and Connotation

Wish You Were Here
Nite Visions
Denotation: I see two men shaking hands white building, one of the men is on fire.

Connotation: I think the man on fire means the the other man is very hot when he is shaking it. and the buildings are white and in flat land to show that it is dull. the creator designed it like this to get light in a dull place.

Born in the USA
Denotation: I see pink checkers and Soul wax nite versions

Connotation: I think this means it is a very boring cover and maybe only likes one colour. The designer  maybe did this to show that it is a very faded text so it is hard for people to read

Denotation: I see a man with his back to the camera a red hat

Connotation: I think he has his back to us because he thinks he is to cool and he has his hat in his back pocket because its the new style. over all the designer is trying to create a cool guy in a pose.

Is This It
Denotation: I see a leg with white trousers and a black leaver glove.

Connotation: I think it is like this to show that it is black and white and that maybe he liked black and white films or he generally liked the colour.

Parallel Lines
Denotation: I see 5 mean in suits 1 lady with a black and white background

Connotation: I think they are a very old group because they are just wearing black and there is a dull look in this picture. I think it is set like this because they are trying to show that its a very old group and they are mainly men.


Denotation: I see a black man in a black background.

Connotation: This connotes that he is on his own and no one is around him maybe the designer is trying to show its every man for himself.

Who's Next

Denotation: I see 4 men standing on stones next to a tall white thing and not even looking at each other

Connotation: I think that they are very open people and don't like each other the designer may have done this to show they each have different things to do in the band

Number of the Beast

Denotation: i see a devil, a wizard bright vibrant colours and them facing the picture.

connotation: I think they are trying to get to the person who is looking at the picture and they are very evil characters And that they are getting to you the person looking at the cover to scare them.

Queen II

Denotations: I see 4 mean closing there eyes a black background
they all have long hair and black clothes.

Connotations: I think they are closing there eyes because they are holy people and have long hair because it is the style the designer may have done this to show that they are deep into there music.

Unknown Pleasures

Denotation: I see lines and what looks like mountains with a black background.

Connotation: I think the mountains could suggest that the singing is very high and loud and the lines mean quite people this shows that there is quite section of singing then very loud and harmonic.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Waterloo Road Case Study

url.jpgI think waterloo road designed this logo like this to show they are a practical school and made it scruffy to show there school isn't perfect. And all the paper on the floor suggests that they muck around in there classes and they do not respect the school. Because the way they put the tables show this


The producers are trying to appeal that the students are bad and how they act and dress, as you can see not many of them are wearing there uniform correctly, with there shirts not tucked in there top buttons not done up and one of the boys is wearing normal clothes. Because the teachers are doing nothing about it they think it is fine to wear normal clothes meaning the teachers don't care and they let the students do what every they want.

Waterloo Road is on Thursday at 8:00 I think it is on at this time and day because there are many parts in this movie where there is violence and bad behavior and it can be bad for kids to watch as they may copy what they do. Also many young kids will be sleeping at this time so it is good to put it on. Also it shows that the teachers can be bad to and the kids could get scared of the teachers. But adults will just be getting back from work and it is a perfect time for it to be on as most people finish around 7:00

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What type of school is waterloo road?

Waterloo road is a bad school there are students breaking glass carrying hockey sticks, dealing the girls are waring big hoop earrings and wearing tracksuits, this suggests they hate the uniform and have no respect. The teachers don't care about the school or what the students are doing. almost everyone in the school dress like chavs, act like chavs it looks like they come from a rough area as one of the kids looks around suspiciously and hands something over in a hand shake way. Most of the behavior suggests that they don't care about the school or there education. Also the head master is shouting and chucking paper of the roof this could mean that he also hates the school and as the teacher runs to get the headmaster you can see that there are cans and rubbish on the floor, this connotes that the students treat the school like it is a big piece of rubbish.

Monday, 2 September 2013


Media Used and Why?

I wake up in the morning check my smartphone to see if anyone has texted me about homework. I then would go downstairs and listen to the radio whilst eating my breakfast. Then I would watch TV to pass the time play on the PS3 for a while, And then watch a film on the SmartTV.


Media Used and Why?

I wake up to my smartphone to see the time so I can see if i should have breakfast or lunch I then go downstairs to see if anything good is on the tv so I can relax. I would then listen to music for a while for entertainment and to pass the time for the next day


Media Used and why?

In the morning i wake up to my smart phone to check if i have any messages or notifications this is so I don't miss anything out. Then i go downstairs to watch TV this is so the time can pass quicker then i check my phone to see the time encase i am late.