Monday, 9 September 2013

Denotations and Connotation

Wish You Were Here
Nite Visions
Denotation: I see two men shaking hands white building, one of the men is on fire.

Connotation: I think the man on fire means the the other man is very hot when he is shaking it. and the buildings are white and in flat land to show that it is dull. the creator designed it like this to get light in a dull place.

Born in the USA
Denotation: I see pink checkers and Soul wax nite versions

Connotation: I think this means it is a very boring cover and maybe only likes one colour. The designer  maybe did this to show that it is a very faded text so it is hard for people to read

Denotation: I see a man with his back to the camera a red hat

Connotation: I think he has his back to us because he thinks he is to cool and he has his hat in his back pocket because its the new style. over all the designer is trying to create a cool guy in a pose.

Is This It
Denotation: I see a leg with white trousers and a black leaver glove.

Connotation: I think it is like this to show that it is black and white and that maybe he liked black and white films or he generally liked the colour.

Parallel Lines
Denotation: I see 5 mean in suits 1 lady with a black and white background

Connotation: I think they are a very old group because they are just wearing black and there is a dull look in this picture. I think it is set like this because they are trying to show that its a very old group and they are mainly men.


Denotation: I see a black man in a black background.

Connotation: This connotes that he is on his own and no one is around him maybe the designer is trying to show its every man for himself.

Who's Next

Denotation: I see 4 men standing on stones next to a tall white thing and not even looking at each other

Connotation: I think that they are very open people and don't like each other the designer may have done this to show they each have different things to do in the band

Number of the Beast

Denotation: i see a devil, a wizard bright vibrant colours and them facing the picture.

connotation: I think they are trying to get to the person who is looking at the picture and they are very evil characters And that they are getting to you the person looking at the cover to scare them.

Queen II

Denotations: I see 4 mean closing there eyes a black background
they all have long hair and black clothes.

Connotations: I think they are closing there eyes because they are holy people and have long hair because it is the style the designer may have done this to show that they are deep into there music.

Unknown Pleasures

Denotation: I see lines and what looks like mountains with a black background.

Connotation: I think the mountains could suggest that the singing is very high and loud and the lines mean quite people this shows that there is quite section of singing then very loud and harmonic.

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  1. In general Elias, you need much more detail for your connotations. Think about what it says about the artist.

    Please read do this for Wednesday