Monday, 30 September 2013


The statements are not true not everyone is strong and has money to spend and many men don't want to be strong or don't want women and not all men are in control it is only shown this way in the stereotype videos, and the men are rich have nice cars and women and they don't show normal people in these videos as this is what they think a real man is.

And apparently you will be made fun of if you are not strong or rich and you will be called a wimp this is not true because not every man in the world is capable of being rich. This is also not true because every one should be equal and you should treat others like you would like to be treated and women are no different to men it is also better to be different because if everyone was strong and had to dominate other people it would turn into fights.

But in the second video not all of the men are like 50 cent with loads of muscle but they have money so this proves not every man can be dominate but can be other things like being rich. The men are deliberately shown like this to make people want to be rich and want women like 50 cent but maybe don't want the muscle like in the second video. Some men are rich and muscly but are not presented like this and are not putting people down other people because they are weak.

Also in this video they are showing what you should look like and how to act and it isn't looking very good because i have never seen anyone dress like this in public or putting down people because it isn't a nice thing to do and other men have feelings for other people such as the weaker ones overall i don't agree with these statements because no man is like this and only the selfish will act like this.

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  1. Really good response here, but not alot of examples to back up your points. Please consistently use examples...