Thursday, 5 September 2013

Waterloo Road Case Study

url.jpgI think waterloo road designed this logo like this to show they are a practical school and made it scruffy to show there school isn't perfect. And all the paper on the floor suggests that they muck around in there classes and they do not respect the school. Because the way they put the tables show this


The producers are trying to appeal that the students are bad and how they act and dress, as you can see not many of them are wearing there uniform correctly, with there shirts not tucked in there top buttons not done up and one of the boys is wearing normal clothes. Because the teachers are doing nothing about it they think it is fine to wear normal clothes meaning the teachers don't care and they let the students do what every they want.

Waterloo Road is on Thursday at 8:00 I think it is on at this time and day because there are many parts in this movie where there is violence and bad behavior and it can be bad for kids to watch as they may copy what they do. Also many young kids will be sleeping at this time so it is good to put it on. Also it shows that the teachers can be bad to and the kids could get scared of the teachers. But adults will just be getting back from work and it is a perfect time for it to be on as most people finish around 7:00

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