Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What type of school is waterloo road?

Waterloo road is a bad school there are students breaking glass carrying hockey sticks, dealing the girls are waring big hoop earrings and wearing tracksuits, this suggests they hate the uniform and have no respect. The teachers don't care about the school or what the students are doing. almost everyone in the school dress like chavs, act like chavs it looks like they come from a rough area as one of the kids looks around suspiciously and hands something over in a hand shake way. Most of the behavior suggests that they don't care about the school or there education. Also the head master is shouting and chucking paper of the roof this could mean that he also hates the school and as the teacher runs to get the headmaster you can see that there are cans and rubbish on the floor, this connotes that the students treat the school like it is a big piece of rubbish.

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