Thursday, 6 March 2014

Questions to apply to my cover

What two conventions have I used and why?

I have used a celebrity for my front cover, as she gives inspirations to young readers. I also saw every big magazine company have a model or celebrity on. I have used bold text for excitement and colour these make the my celebrity stand out even more. I have used direct mode of address to make the readers feel that they can do and be what they want and get all the new classy clothes that my celebrity has. The direct mode of address allows the magazine to be inspirational because the text suggests to the reader its about lifestyle.

What are the effects of my layout, typography, colour choice and language choice?

The effects are that the reader will want to strive to be like my celebrity, and have every new item. The language and the bold text clearly stands out and shows the latest styles. The bright colour also attracts attention by seeing it from a long distance, this then lures the reader in and therefore seeing the celebrity. The celebrity status of Angelina Jolie draws attention to the peace, and makes people want to read about the bold text and flamboyant colours. My magazine is symmetrical this makes Angelina stand out even more because the is no distraction in the print. The text is serif matching Angelina then making the readers aspire to be like a celebrity. Small areas of advertisement draw other readers in even if they don't like the celebrity.

What issues of representation have i used?

I have presented the Angelina Jolie is classy and she is with the latest fashions, but she could just be wearing normal everyday clothes this then gives an idea to the readers that Angelina is always classy and is up with the fame tips. I also chose an old picture of her which may not look like her at all and is changed on Photoshop. The celebrity or model may not be doing the things the text said and this could be very misleading to the readers. These issues could be representing the celebrity wrong therefore the reader will not want to by the magazine and will think badly about the magazine


This is a really good start, with some sound analysis. 

You must be specific in your answers and these answers must explain the effects on the audience. 

You should talk about any issues that there are with the representation you have presented. Are all women/men like that? Do all teenage girls relate to those stories?

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