Monday, 18 November 2013

Laura Mulvey Essay

In Christina Aguilera's video of "Dirty" the use of the camera invites sexual gaze by the way the camera does all the close ups on her bum is very sexual and provocative. These angles of the camera invite the audience to view the artists as objects of desire as Laura Mulvey's theory states. Also at the beginning there is a close up of her lips in a very sexual way, because she is talking slowly for the audiences desire. She comes across more as a sexual gaze by the men shouting and surrounding her when she dances and cheering. She dances on a podium like she is in a strip club which is meant for mens desire and the girls to look good.

The audience views this video in a voyeuristic way because of the way she is presented with very short and tight clothes, also she is treated by the men in the video very voyeuristic. Her sexual movement and the way she dances makes the audience look at her in this way because she is in a bikini for the whole video with chaps and no trousers. When she is dance men are grinding on her and they are the audience in this video to her meaning not only the viewers see this in a voyeuristic way.

The actors interact in a way that results in the female being looked at as and object of desire. This occurs when she is being placed in a boxing ring from a cage like an animal. waiting to be let out to dance for men, and Laura Mulvey says the artist interact with the others in the video. Christina Aguilera  is interacting with the men in the video when they are grinding on her like she is there for their desire and pleasure. When she is on the podium it is like she in a strip club and she is being looked at by he men in that way.

In Jesse J's video of "Do it like a Dude" the use of the camera invites sexual gaze by her licking her lips on the close ups at the beginning. Her clothes are old and tattered and ripped which makes it very short and sexual because you can see more flesh on her, as she is pumping her chest out. Also two girls start kissing in the middle of the video, this comes across as very sexual to the audience and how they look at the back up dancers. She is spreading her legs and squatting while holding her crotch meaning she is still in control, being an object of desire.

The audience views this video in a voyeuristic way because she is holding her crotch and squatting very sexually to the viewers. This gives the audience sexual pleasure. Also Jesse is looking at the camera and pumping her chest out, with only a bra on and a ripped shirt. The moves she does when dancing are mainly with ripped clothes so the audience can see more of her body in a voyeuristic way. Jessie is also moving very sharply when the camera is viewing her body. I think this will give the audience some sexual entertainment to the audience making her popular.

The actors interact in a way that results in the female being being looked at as an object of desire. This occurs when the actors are looking at jesse and dancing and when she drops to the floor and starts opening and closing her legs while dancing. Also when she is holding the camera close to her face so you are forced to look and her and nothing else. I think she wants to be looked at even though in the lyrics it seems like she doesn't want to be seen as an object of desire.

The target audience for these two artists is young females. However, the way they represent themselves as sexual objects does not appeal to young girls, it appeals more to men. I believe Christina Aguilera and jesse J choose to represent themselves like this because they want to be popular and get more people to like them. This will allow them to make more money and have a wider range of an audience. Jesse J does not always appeal her audience to men as she is sending a message to men because she knows the men are watching. Christina Aguilera knows her audience is men but she isn't challenging it like jesse is, except she is showing her bum and boobs. I think jesse J is challenging this because she doesn't want to be represented as an object of desire all the time.

In summary, Laura Mulvey's theory applies to these music videos because they are both presented in a voyeuristic way but they are just showing it differently to the audience. The actors in the video may not be challenging this but maybe they are showing that not all girls are different. Also the camera shots in Christina Aguilera and more concentrated on her bum and boobs, and jesse j is more concentrated on he face. Overall Laura Mulveys theory is correct to these videos as they are both showing them selfs in a voyeuristic way.

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