Monday, 25 November 2013

GCSE MEDIA Controlled Assessment Essay

I will be explaining two videos, Robin Thicke Blurred lines and Jesse J Do it Like Dude. In Robin Thickes video he is very close to the girls and being very active in his video, the women are represented as being very passive not Like Robin. Jesse J comes across as very active as well as the others in the video. Robin Thicke is married and has son, this isn't setting an example for his son or his wife because he his dancing with half naked women in the clean version, but on the dirty version they have no tops on. Jesse J is bisexual and his challenging the stereo type of a video girl, and not just being looked at as sexual desire. It is important to study representation because of the way the men are treated differently to the women.

In Blurred Lines the setting is in a white area with nothing else behind, this can make other props stand out clearly to the audience. When one of the girls comes on she is holding a lamb and the stars are looking at it but they don't make it stand out like it isn't important in the video. I think they are trying to say that the girls are not important as they are wearing white as well, like they are just part of the background plane and simple. There are only the same three girls in the video maybe meaning that it was hard to get in the video, like they are a prop they only need certain things such as people. 
In Jesse J's video it is very dark and black meaning that she doesn't want people to see much. Her lipstick is spiky and her clothes are tattered, in the lyrics she is saying anything a man can do a women can do. Meaning she doesn't want to be looked at like the passive girls in Blurred Lines. There are fingers being chopped up ready to eat, showing that they are manly and act like animals. All of the actors in the video are women, and there costumes are very men like. Where as in Robins video they want to stand out and in Jesses they don't this shows she is challenging gender very well.

The lighting in Blurred Lines is high-key this is achieved because of the bright lighting and the white wall, this connotes that the women will stand out allot clearer like a photo shoot. This makes the women objects of desire because in blurred Lines TI is wearing sunglasses showing that the women's beauty is too much. But in Jesse J's video it is very Low-Key because of where the video is set, in a dark run down abandoned church. Where it is dark and there are allot of shadows making the seen spooky, this could mean that jesse thinks that men are scary and that women don't have to have very bright sets. Jesse doesn't stand out allot and the camera views hr for short periods of time were as in Robin is in all of the video he is on for longer periods of time. Like a photo shoot it will go on for long periods of times with white backgrounds of just them trying to look good. But in do it like a dude she isn't trying to look good, she is very active and vigorous with the camera saying don't look at me.

In Do It Like A Dude all the women are wearing full clothes and not fully showing of there bum and boobs, but in Blurred Lines the women are half naked dancing around Robin who is whispering into there ears. The costumes in Blurred lines are suggest that they don't care as they look very passive through out the video and the men have there shirts unbuttoned at the top

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