Thursday, 5 December 2013

Album covers

url.jpgLady Gaga The Fame

url.jpgThe album cover shows Lady Gaga with glasses and diamonds on it, this shows that she is rich. The big diamond next to her face shows that she wants to show of her wealth. On the glasses it says The Fame meaning that she is famous and this album says that she wants to tell her fans that she is. This also says that because she is famous Lady Gaga can have diamonds and big expensive glasses.

Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty To me ft 2 Chainz

url.jpgThis album cover shows that girls want to touch his muscle and he lets them as he is holding a girls hand to touch it. He is showing of his muscle this says that he is confident about his body and that he thinks girls like it. It says Ft 2 Chainz very small underneath Derulo meaning that he wants all the fame and doesn't want anyone to think 2 Chainz has a big part in the song.

Jesse J - Smile

url.jpgIn this album it says smile on her jumper but she is hiding her smile with her hand. This shows that fashion dictates how she feels but she doesn't have to show that she is smiling just because it says on her top. Also on the bottom left corner it says that she one the brit awards in 2011, this shows off her success and wants people to know that she is a good singer. Her colourful nails show that she wants people to see it because of how she is straightening her fingers.

Eazy E - The Hip-Hop Thugsta

url.jpgThe gloomy background and the two guns  shows that he is a dangerous man, and a gangster because of the title of the album. This is a very old album cover and maybe he is showing to the new people that back then were bad days and people had to bring guns in the rap industry. He has a smile on his face showing that he likes guns and is posing for the camera as he doesn't want to look to dangerous

Nas Explains Meaning Behind "Life Is Good" Cover Art

Eminem - The Marshal Matherslp

This picture is shown in black and white to show that he is creating old albums and wants to look like he is a well known rapper. The house has spikes on the side of the porch meaning he doesn't want anyone to approach the house. I think the house is where he grew up as a child and wanted to show his fans where he started.

Nas - Life Is Good

This album cover shows that he is lonely and that the title of the song isnt all what it seems. He is holding a dress maybe to show that his wife or girlfriend has left him. Him being alone shows that he doesn't want to be with anyone and that he is heartbroken. Everything is very dark except for the dress and Nas's suit this shows he wants to stand out.


The writing over her body stands out allot, and the words cover up her body showing that just because she is naked doesn't mean the audience should look at her. Maybe she is saying look at the text and the meaning of it. She also looks very sad and the title of the song is unapologetic maybe she doesn't want to apologies to someone.

Bob Marley - Legend

The title of the album cover shows that he is a legend and he isn't posing for the camera showing that he isn't boasting that he is a legend. He seems very calm in the picture maybe he has seen something that caught his attention away from the camera and that is why the photographers thought this pictures is good. His hair is very long this could show that he has worked hard on this album and that he didn't stop making it better.

50 Cent - 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

The cross in the picture stands out allot because of the broken glass this shows that he is religious and that he cares and that he isn't just a thug. Or the broken glass is where he is telling his enemy's to shoot him because 50 cent has been shot before. This could be a threat to some people because of the glass and the cross shows that he is a proud christian.

Tupac - Shakur

Tupac is showing his fingers saying that he is from the west side and that he isn't on any other side. He is showing of his jewelry showing that he is rich and that he likes people to know he is rich. This album is very old and he had to show is enemy's that he was from the west because where tupac lived there was crime everywhere and he had to keep him self protected.

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