Monday, 16 December 2013

Lifestyle Magazine Convention 2 & 3


There is a model or celebrity on the front cover as the main image and he/she is looking directly at the camera

Why does the magazine use a model or celebrity on the cover? Why are they looking directly at the camera?
Explain the effect on the target audience.

The magazine uses a model or a celebrity because they look good and the audience will want to look like them and not someone ugly. If it was a celebrity she will be a role model to the target audience and the audience will want to be that celebrity. She is looking directly at the camera because at any angle you stand she will always be looking it you. This also means that she is attracting the reader for sexual gaze and attention. This will make the audience like her and get sexual

Direct mode of address is used – the magazine is talking to you and makes a direct reference to you lifestyle. ie. Lose Your Gut, Impress Your Girlfriend, New Styles for You!

Find examples of direct mode of address in the above magazine. Why is this used? What effect does it have on the target audience?

Direct address is used because it says “Already in your wardrobe” meaning you have to buy and that it’s too good to ignore. It makes the audience feel good about them self’s because she may be wearing what the audience wants to buy. “The best thing I ever did for my body” this suggests that other customers are happy they did what the magazine told them this makes people believe that what they are doing is good

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