Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Convention 5


THE TONE OF THE MAGAZINE IS ASPIRATIONAL. The magazine assumes the position of lifestyle coach – it tells you what you need and then offers you advice on how to get it.

For each of the following lifestyle magazines, explain how the tone of the magazine is aspirational. Who is the target audience of each magazine? What values does each magazine expect their readers to have? Give examples to back up your answers

The tone of the magazine is apparitional because a man wants to be strong and impress the ladies, and learn how to become muscly. This is why the target audience is men because a women wants a man like the model and the man wants a women like the one who is hugging the muscular man. The value of this magazine is to make every man want to have muscles and loose wait. for example "DROP 5KGS NOW!" this quote stands out the most because the magazine wants the audience to feel like they need to loose wait before getting muscles.

This magazine give aspiration to women to look pretty and amazing and that every women needs to look like her. The model also draws the attention of other women because she is looking directly at the camera, so what ever angle the audience is standing she will always be looking at the viewer. The target audience is women, the magazine is telling the audience to have breasts like her and to love your body. The magazine expects the audience to feel like they need to look good and asking the questions if they are "To Fat" or "To Skinny", this then leads the target audience to buy the magazine and change there self.

The magazine is aspiring young teenagers to be like Vanessa Hudgens and get all the boys. It's also showing young teenagers that they need all the new "Summer Shopping Special" and get with the fashion. "Classmates need to mop up my periods" this quote isn't very suitable for young teenager and children who look up to Vanessa. This magazine wants teenagers to be cool and end up looking good after reading this, but I don't think this will help kids understand get better looks.

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