Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Women Represented in a positive and negative way.

I have chosen Jason Derulo as my negative video - "Talk Dirty" feat 2 Chainz. I chose this video because of the way the girls dance and act in this song. At the beginning of the song Jason Derulo is sitting on a tan machine with a girl, she is  lying down and the mirror on the tan machine makes it look like there is more then one girl. In the video Jason has no top on whilst the camera is zooming from above onto the girl and Jason, so that you can see them both in the whole shot. Also one of the girls is playing the trumpet and has no other part in the video, when she is playing the trumpet she is going up and down but does not seem to be playing it. This Means that she had nothing else to do in the video, so the director has just placed her into one part. I think it is because she isn't good enough to me an actual music girl as she is blacked out in the video. Jason is singing about girls bottoms as they are twerking behind him. The girls are always in the video when they are with jason, because if it was just him on his own not many people would like it. When he says talk dirty to me there is a close up on him and a girl and she is whispering in his ear, this comes across as very sexual. When 2 Chainz comes in he starts singing about sex but isn't with any girls only Jason is. At the end of the video behind the girl there is a drink called neuro bliss, on the drink it says that it's a stress reliever, I think jason has put this in his video so that he can get paid more

Next I have chosen P!NK as my positive video - True Love ft. Lily Allen. I chose this video because it shows what real love is an not just a girl who is shaking her bum. There are no sexual gaze in this video. In most of the video makeup is not needed because her love is true and nothing will change how she looks, She also doesn't throw her self at the boyfriend. There are not many close ups, but it shows her having fun in the video and being her own person not being told what to do. She says really loves him, the man isnt doing anything in this video showing that it is her decision of what to do. They are using rose pettles in a scene and throwing it at each other, as a sign of love and that she is being treated well by the man. In the video she is also saying that the man can push her away but in the end it is her decision if she still likes him. Pink says its true love. I think that P!NK is her own women and is not being told what to do and not shaking her bum.




What you have here is very good and you have responded well to the question. You have used examples well to explain your point. 

T: Try to use more key terms (see VCOP Blog) to help you fully develop your answer. Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc) and how they help you come to your conclusions.

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